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Danny Boyle for My Fair Lady?

DannyBoyle.jpgFresh from BAFTA and Oscar glory, Danny Boyle was apparently asked to direct the next James Bond film recently. An offer he doesn't intend on taking up.

Now it looks like he also won't be taking up a remake of, Sympathy for Lady Vengeance. But he may be taking on My Fair Lady.

The rumour that Danny Boyle had been offered the next James Bond film didn't last long. But it was an interesting idea, and did prompt the question, what should he do after Slumdog Millionaire (Filmstalker review)? At the beginning of the year, before all the awards were bring handed out, there was talk of him remaking Sympathy for Lady Vengeance (Filmstalker review). Boyle though told MTV Movies Blog, that is not going to happen:

I’ve seen the movie. I’ve seen [Park's] ‘Oldboy’ and ‘Lady Vengeance.’ But no I was never going to do that. I don’t know where that story came from.

Well I do. It came from Danny Boyle himself, when he was talking to Empire fans. Not to worry though, if the next project is to believed he could be remaking a rather famous musical. Numerous "sources" say he is in talks with Sony about directing a remake of My Fair Lady. Hollywood Insider, through Jo Blo, say that the script is ready to go from Emma Thompson.

Danny Boyle has never been one to do what everyone thinks he will. But My Fair Lady would be a big change. Personally I'd rather he gave James Bond a shot. Do you want to see Boyle's take on the famous musical? What would you rather he did next?



Oh dear, I think that's about as believable as the rest!

Hey, I've heard that Danny Boyle is doing the long awaited sequel to Breakfast Club!

I think you'll find he's also directing Terminator 5.

Geez, really? Bleeding heck, he gets about. I thought he was doing the next Alien too...oh no, he's already done that.


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