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Danny Boyle to direct James Bond? Updated

DannyBoyle.jpgDanny Boyle is still experiencing the post Oscar popularity honeymoon. And it has led to a rumour involving him and one of the biggest film franchises around.

Rumour has it he has been offered the chance to direct the next James Bond film.

Slumdog Millionaire (Filmstalker review) has proved more popular than Danny Boyle could probably have imagined. Both the BAFTAs and Oscars were pretty good to it. As usual, Oscar success has led to questions about what he does next. And according to The Sun, through IMDB, it could be James Bond.

Danny is being bombarded with offers from studios. He has been offered the chance to direct the 23rd Bond film by (Bond producer) Barbara (Broccoli). The Eon (productions) team love his vision and think it would work perfectly for the new look of Bond. Everyone on the Eon team thinks Danny would be the perfect addition to the Bond family.

Even bearing in mind that the rumour comes from a tabloid and an inside source, it's a pretty interesting one. After Quantum of Solace (Filmstalker review), the Bond series needs something different and a return to form. A decent plot is needed, and a director who might let us see the action.

What do you think? Should Danny Boyle be let loose on James Bond?


No sooner is it suggested, than the man himself turns it down.

While Danny says he always has and always will enjoy the Bond movies he has no plans to direct one. Danny is naturally flattered to be thought of!

Damn, would have a good change of direction for Bond. Thanks to Rick Bman for the update from IMDB. Who do we reckon should try Bond next, if not Boyle?



I certainly wouldn't mind seeing what Danny Boyle does with a Bond movie... it could be very interesting...

Big fan of Boyle. Big fan of Bond. This would be a dream!

Ach, it's from The Sun and an inside source. I couldn't imagine the two together though, it would be like Boyle's attempt at science fiction perhaps.

Danny Boyle is quoted saying: "Once you've had anything like a hit in the movie business it's so easy to get lost. All these people are scuttling around trying to get you to make things, suggesting things and offering deals. The pressure of what to do next is horrible."

Boyle rose to prominence with international acclaim for "Trainspotting" after which he moved to Hollywood to seek a production deal with a major studio. He declined an offer to direct the next film in the Alien franchise, instead making "A Life Less Ordinary" using British financing.

Now this offer to do James Bond...for opportunities that would seem precious, Danny Boyle has a career that twarts expectations.

You know perhaps we should ask what we would like Boyle to do next.

I'm guessing the answer would be a resounding "something original again", and not part of a franchise or Hollywood.

I want Ridley Scott to direct the next Bond. Has he ever been mentioned before? Anyone agree? If so, let's get a rumour starting.

Wow, Ridley Scott? That would be a bizarre Bond.


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