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Dennis Quaid as Bill Clinton

DennisQuaid.jpgWhat another great piece of casting. Peter Morgan has completed another script about politics in our time, we've had The Deal, The Queen and Frost/Nixon (Filmstalker review) , and now The Special Relationship is set to tell the story of Tony Blair and Bill Clinton should the project get greenlit by HBO film.

Although the project hasn't been green lit yet, it seems as though there's no doubt that it will, the cast has already been chosen, and it's looking superb, although I'm not convinced about Hilary Clinton just yet.

Playing Bill Clinton is Dennis Quaid, and you can see that working straight off the bat. I can see and hear him as the President so easily, and he's a cracking actor to boot.

However Variety also say that Julianne Moore will be the one to play Hilary Clinton, a casting choice that I find a bit harder to see myself. I think I'd have to see some footage of the two first, just to be convinced, but then stranger choices have worked, like the man set to play Tony Blair.

Of course there is no other choice for Blair other than Michael Sheen once again, he really captured the character without specifically looking like him. He really inhabited a character and made us believe he was the British Prime Minister Tony Blair, and since he's played the character a number of times for Peter Morgan it seems the best choice.

What's interesting about this film though is that Peter Morgan may well be directing The Special Relationship, something I find rather surprising, but who knows the material better?

This sounds a great line-up for the film, and I can't believe that they are this far down the line and the film hasn't been given the go ahead as yet. If they have the cast in place and they are considering the director, I would really think that they have it in their heads that the film is going to get made, I mean this sounds quite far down the line doesn't it?



I agree with the casting. They all seem fairly appropriate, but still the Julianne Moore is questionable. Even still, I imagine that the movie will get pretty good ratings no matter what.


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