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Diesel talks Fast and Furious 5, xXx 3, Hannibal the Conqueror, and Chronicles of Riddick 3 or 2

VinDiesel-Kilt.jpgWow, what an update. Vin Diesel was talking at the press conference for Fast and Furious, and mainly about the Fast and the Furious film, but some questions got him onto the subject of sequels, and sequels to just about everything he's done in a franchise already - Fast and Furious 5, xXx 3 and The Chronicles of Riddick 3, or as it turns out is it 2? Not only that but he even manages to reveal something about Hannibal the Conqueror.

Now these aren't the usual updates, and what I do like about Vin Diesel talking to the press about his projects is that he's always very open to discussing them, and that's exactly what he does.

First let's see what he said about Hannibal, because that's a completely original film and something that belongs to him, it's a personal project and has a huge scope, something that quite frankly is totally out of character for the Vin Diesel we see in film usually, something we saw a spark of in Strays (Filmstalker review).

However talking at the press conference for Fast and Furious Diesel says through Latino Review that if Fast and Furious is a big hit it might help Hannibal get moving:

"We hope, right? In theory, yes. To be 100% honest, I think the studio might be a little bit, and I can understand, apprehensive about giving me a budget that big to direct. So the question has been, and is what probably has held the film back from being realized, 'Do I have to direct it?'...

...I would ask you that. Do I have to direct it or, do I produce it, get my voice on it, you know, put my mojo on it, and let someone else direct it that the studio would feel comfortable with with that size budget."

Now that's interesting, he's admitting that he'd consider not directing it, perhaps not even producing it, if it's going to get it made and the studio would fund it. He's acknowledging that the scope and budget of the film is pretty big and might not get the backing of the studio if he decides he's going to write, produce and direct it. I have to say that's pretty damn realistic of him to say that he'd give up helming the project if that's what the studio want to get it made.

Then he gets onto the sequels. First he talks about a fifth Fast and the Furious, and that's not the little short film he's making to bridge the gap between sequels, this is a full blown fifth feature.

Paul Walker has apparently already talked about a fifth film, but there's just no way I'm getting through to the Collider story on that topic just now. However here's what Diesel said in response.

"Yes. Yes. I think a few pictures at a time ahead. I try to work out stories in the way I approach sequels. In that, Coppola way. I try to think out the story, even before we go to shoot the film that's at hand. So yes, I have been thinking about it. I actually brought up the idea of shooting both of the movies back to back to the President of Universal. He was like, 'What? We're just getting our feet back together.'"

So it may not be the next film that they'd hit, but it could be in a few, and there's an idea, that Walker talked about, that it could be filmed in Europe, now I know that would be a clever idea and garner a huge audience - there's a big modding community in Europe that would love to see a Fast and Furious come to their countries, the places they race, and the cars that they ride and mod. That would definitely be a hit wouldn't it? It also sounds like he's pretty damn positive about it all.

xXx 3? It's almost hard to believe that it would happen, and before we've heard Rob Cohen say that he and Diesel have patched things up and are looking to do a third film with him back as the big name. Diesel simply asked if he should do it, and then when the reporter said yes he replied:

"That's all I need to hear"

Does that mean we'll get to see it? Who knows. I do suspect though it'll be a while off if he's got Hannibal the Conqueror and Fast and Furious 5 to get made. Then of course there's The Chronicles of Riddick 3 to get made, something that's been talked a lot about in the last few days.

"I talked about Riddick as being The Fellowship in the Tolkien series. I was using Pitch Black as The Hobbit, as an independent story that introduces you to the world of Middle Earth, and then taking The Chronicles of Riddick and treating it as a trilogy that goes from the story that you saw, to the Underverse, and ultimately to Furia in the third film...

...[David Twohy is] currently writing the third. It's hot. But to answer your question, about the scaled down aspect. Yes, there is a scaled down portion of this that goes back to the Pitch Black style. So if you think of Pitch Black as an introduction to the world, and you think of Lord of the Rings, and I'm just using this as a parallel, you think of it as a trilogy, you would think of Chronicles of Riddick as the first in a trilogy."

Wait a minute, I'm a little confused by that, he's saying that we should think of The Chronicles of Riddick as the first in the trilogy? So this new film he would be making would, in fact, be Chronicles of Riddick 2, and there would still be a third to the trilogy. That's surely what I picked up from that.

So he's talking about Pitch Black being a stand alone film and The Chronicles of Riddick making a trilogy, so that is three more films.

However he does recognise that Pitch Black is the one that the fans love more than Chronicles, and he's willing to put that into this sequel. Now that's a great thing.

Still, it looks as though we aren't going that far back to Pitch Black, and he is making it sound like it's an introduction or a feel to the film, and he's more interested in making the bigger, more epic, Chronicles of Riddick trilogy, of which Pitch Black is not part.

What would you want to see from Vin Diesel? Which first?




deffinatly fast and furious sshould be his next movie. the movie is awesome and i love it and i think that people like that movie more but if they dont have all of the orginial cast again i think it would b pointless and they should NOT do it.

i still don't understand what is the appeal of Vin Diesel -- it's gotta be either his gravelly voice or his cool name

I would love to see Fast&Furious5m BUT, I think it's about time for that Hannibal the Conqueror. For one, it would bring Deisel into a different category for once. He's a great personality, but all we see is his cool, tough guy brawn. We need to see some more of him. It's an awesome experiment- and it would actually be pretty educational considering the history behind Hannibal.

P.S- If Fast&Furious5 comes out I WILL NOT watch it if the original cast is not in it!! Where is the emotional appeal in that??

ok question XxX 3? Yea i'd love to see it but umm in the second one with ice cube didn't they say he died on that island bora bora i'm pretty sure they did

fast and furious 5 cant wait bring back roman from 2f2f and the guy from tokyo drift 2011 release please as rumours 2012 is the end so be great film to see before we die

yes xxx died at the end of number so no3 cant do diesel


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