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Eclipse director not chosen

Eclipse.jpgSometimes the answer just stares you in the face. A few days ago I wrote about the rumours for the Eclipse director, and that the media and internet were going crazy over every rumour and vague murmur for someone directing the film. Then I pointed out that we should hold our horses, because like every other job interview, people are approached and interviewed for the job, and there may be more to come.

Bingo. After the leaping on one name yesterday for the role, Summit Entertainment have said they have hired no one.

In fact they've come out and said that they still have people to interview, but more importantly they have not hired Juan Antonio Bayona. However this story didn't originate from the Internet sites, no this came from Deadline Hollywood and Variety as fact.

Erik Feig is president of production at Summit Entertainment and met with L.A. Times to reveal that they hadn't hired anyone for the role of director of Eclipse:

"We've met with three or four talented filmmakers and we'll be meeting with three or four more other candidates before we make any decision. No one has been offered the job."

It's like I had direct insight with the man himself when I wrote that story. Oh come on though, it's obvious. If you've been through interviews before you'll know the process. However what appears to happen in Hollywood is that agents and marketing people start leaking stories about their people being attached and looking strong candidates to try and force public opinion and therefore the interviewers decision.

However it's hard to refute when such big sources like the industry recognised "trades" say it has already happened.

Yet the L.A. Times sees it as a time to tar everyone with the same brush, and of course they do it on their own Internet site which really means they are slagging themselves off too. If something goes wrong on the internet, it's the whole internet to blame - burn it all!

"Feig added that no one even bothered to call to check out the rumors before printing them, something that has become an all-too-often occurrence in the Wild West free-for-all that constitutes today's Web-based entertainment coverage."

Actually that quote is from the story, not from Feig, and while he has a little dig about not being called, Variety did call the Summit representative and get nothing back, so they ran the story.

However calm down L.A. Times and Feig, this isn't an internet thing, it's not a blog thing, those are the usual convenient whipping boys you like to go. Newspapers are ten times worse and have much less in the way of morals, they can print anything they want and not see figures harmed too much - look a the British tabloids - and yet my site and reputation can take a complete battering and indeed die, from printing rumours as fact.

Reading the supposed lesson of the piece at the end of the article just fills me with anger:

"The real lesson here: The madcap pace of the Web, where everyone gets hits by linking to newsie items about cultural hot buttons, is creating an environment where you have to check stories out before you reprint them"

Actually you don't have to do anything, it's like the press. However if you want to keep a good reputation then you should have some common sense, and when you are trusting the trade source in both print and internet articles, how can you blame the internet sites for just being faster than the newspapers? Typical anti-internet rubbish.

Anyway. The crux of the story is that I was right, no one has yet signed up for the director of Eclipse and the interviews are ongoing.



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