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Fast and Furious interviews and behind the scenes

FastandFurious.jpgThere is a whole heap of footage online from Fast and Furious, the latest instalment in the Fast and the Furious franchise. Not only is there a huge amount of behind the scenes footage but there's also interviews with all the two producers and the cast members – Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez, Justin Lin, Jordana Brewster, Neal Moritz and Michael Fottrell.

Fast and Furious, or Fast & Furious, is the next in the instalment of the franchise which is bringing back a lot of the old characters from the series into one film. Dom and Brian are brought together by the authorities once again to infiltrate the operation of an illegal heroin importer.

Actually, is there a legal way to import heroin? For this instalment they've brought back together all the main characters from the series, well apart from a few, and that does make it feel like it's a final film in the franchise.

Bringing together all the characters for a final reunion and one big final film would make sense, but it seems that this reunion has brought some life back into the franchise and we might be getting even more films from the Fast and the Furious.

However we're concentrating on the fourth film, Fast and Furious, and the footage is all here for you to see. I'm looking to you to tell me if there's anything exciting to be had as I can't sit and view it all at the moment.

Vin Diesel Interview

Paul Walker Interview

Michelle Rodriguez Interview

Justin Lin Interview

Jordana Brewster Interview

Producer Neal Moritz Interview

Producer Michael Fottrell Interview

B-Roll Part I

B-Roll Part II

B-Roll Part III

B-Roll Part IV



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