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Fast & Furious new footage online

FastandFurious_Poster.jpgThere are some new teasers from Fast and the Furious online, and it's a fair mix showing some very different moments from the film, extending some of the smaller glimpses we've seen from the film and revealing some of the scale of what we have in store.

I have to say that after seeing these clips I'm getting more hyped up for the film, Fast and Furious is looking like a very strong addition to the franchise and might actually pave the way for more, that is if we go and see it. Have a look at the clips to see if you might.

The following two clips come through Coming Soon. First up is an extended scene from a few clips we've seen in the trailer and teasers to date, the ending of that tanker scene that we saw in the first trailer.

You might remember that when I saw the end of this with the tanker rolling down towards them I was really concerned that it was looking too CGI. Although the quality of this clip isn't so good, I think in context with the scenes around it, it definitely looks much better, and I think they may have improved the CGI a little. Have a look over at MSN [Flash].

Next up is the complete scene that opens the trailer, where Brian is chasing a suspect across the rooftops, and even this on foot chase manages to capture the speed and excitement of the series. See for yourself over at MSN [Flash]. Oh and can other directors take note please, action without too many fast cuts and the camera pulled back, how on earth did they manage that?!

Empire have a clip from the film too, this one has Vin Diesel introducing a clip of the start of a big race, a race with some seriously pimped out technology for the race circuit, perhaps a bit too pimped out to be a whole lot of help inside the car. This just gets the excitement going.

The Bridge is another clip I picked up that continues the race we just saw and has a spectacular crash that we saw being set up a while back. It's a great sequence, and again promises more action and delivers. How many gear changes do you think they make in the film?!

Another clip sees Dom and Brian evading a whole heap of vehicles that are in hot pursuit.

Finally Vin Diesel on helium...nothing to do with Fast and Furious, but it is rather amusing...

Okay, joking aside, looking at these clips I'm thinking Fast and Furious is going to be plenty of action and plenty of fun.



I can't believe he actually did it :D


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