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Fifty Dead Men Walking trailer online

FiftyDeadMenWalking.jpgI missed the second trailer arriving for the film about the true story of the IRA member working deep undercover for the British Army, but it's here and it looks rather interesting. However there are a couple of things I think aren't going to help it in the marketing department.

One is Rose McGowan, although thankfully she's stopped talking now, and the other is that the trailer seems to appeal more to a British audience than anyone.

It does feel as though the trailer for Fifty Dead Men Walking needs you to understand and appreciate the situation at the time in Ireland, as well some of the background for the film, such as the fact that they don't even mention the IRA, at least you hear a few lines that have the Irish twang to them. You could go the whole trailer not even knowing that this is about the IRA.

Well that's not really true though, thanks to Rose McGowan saying how she would have definitely been a member of the IRA if she'd been there at the time, the film has courted a lot of controversy.

Oh, and it's interesting that you can only catch McGowan for the briefest of glimpses in the trailer, look for a flash of red hair, or just her name on the trailer itself.

The story is based on the memoirs of Martin McGartland (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) who was an undercover operative working for the British government deep inside the IRA.

You can read more about the Rose McGowan controversy by selecting the Fifty Dead Men Walking related story tag which you can also see at the bottom of the story.

Now, let's get onto that second trailer:

What do you think then, and what is it about the complete lack of grounding for the trailer? It is in Ireland and it is about a man working undercover in the IRA, just in case you didn't realise from that!



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