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Game trailer online

GerardButler.jpgThe trailer for the new action film starring Gerard Butler has arrived online, albeit leaked. This version doesn't look that leaked though as it looks pretty great quality and action packed.

The film looks like it might deliver a few interesting perspectives, although it's difficult to piece together a story from it, there's a sense of what's happening in the film from the guys behind Crank (Filmstalker review) Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor.

The film tells the story of a game that's played in the near future where humans can control other humans en-mass in huge multi-player environments, except those environments are real, as are the characters in the game.

One of the best characters in the game, played by Gerard Butler, has a few moments of self-realisation and decides to fight back against the creators and regain his life, his independence.

Sounds interesting, although I have been thinking The Running Man for some time, now I've seen this trailer though my mind is totally changed.

If you watch the trailer for Game it there's a distinct sense of when the character “wakes up” to what's happening, and you get the sense that those that are controlling him suddenly have to reckon with him turning his skills back against them. I really like how that plays out in the trailer, and then there's the action.

My lord, the action is good. It's superb in fact. Seeing some of the action that Butler's character is thrown into, you'd be forgiven for thinking you were watching some very high end action game cut sequence.

I do like the way they show the characters being controlled too, that looks really nice, and feels like a game.

Game looks fantastic fun, and I'm now dying to see the proper high-definition trailer. In the meantime, here's the leaked trailer from RuTube through Teaser-Trailer.



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