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Hamilton completes Terminator Salvation

SarahConnor.jpgIt's more than just talks that Linda Hamilton is in over Terminator Salvation, she's actually signed, and more than that she's just completed her work on the film.

The question that was hitting my mind as I was reading the start of the story is what role would she be playing? What would she be doing in the film?

Well it's as thought during the rumour stages of her signing up to Terminator Salvation, she's done an introduction voice over, something which would really suit the franchise well. However that's as much as she's doing.

The news comes from CHUD through /Film who have a source that told them the news. The voice over is short and at the start of the film and there's no other word on anything else in the film other than that.

Linda Hamilton is the original Sarah Connor and her voice is very much sealed with the character and the franchise, so it's great that she's coming back to provide that continuation and introduction. It shows a very positive move by McG to try and carry that franchise on from the original Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgement Day, but perhaps not so much from the third film.

If that is the case then I'm even more excited. Hamilton's voice over will get the audience in the right place from those opening moments.



It's almost a reason to go out and celebrate! :D

woo, reason to sneak in for the first five minutes anyway... I hated how they killed her off in the third film.

Yeah, continuity! I may choose to watch the first two films again in preparation, and maybe skip the third.

Poor Terminator 3. It isn't THAT bad... is it?

Its absolutely terrible

It's a series of big action sequences that have a new Terminator who talks to camera and an old Terminator who is made a joke of its former self.

Then there are the explanatory time travel scenes squashed in between where all the characters let loose with dialogue galore to give it something clever. Which actually it was, but mostly we just get that cleverness through the dialogue and that closing moment of realisation.

Yeah, a very poor Terminator film.


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