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Hanks continues to toy with space

TomHanks.jpgTom Hanks is continuing his film passion for space and the moon landings as news out today reveals that he's set to develop a film project based on a series of toys that came out as a build up to the real moon landings.

Major Matt Mason is the character that is intended for a live action outing on the big screen, and it's said that at the Mattel and Playtone meeting it wasn't just Mattel that came with the action figure, Hanks brought his own.

Major Matt Mason was a character that was part of a four strong astronaut team comprising of Sergeant Storm, Lieutenant Jeff Long, and a civilian Doug Davis. Jeff Long was an African-American character some five years before an African-American was in space according to Wikipedia.

The story behind the toy line was that the astronauts orbited the moon, living in a space station, and travelled down to work on the surface of the moon each day, that's a commute and a half.

On the way they, of course, encountered alien creatures. Captain Lazer, whom they eventually allied with, Callisto, Or and Scorpio.

Tom Hanks will star in the film, most likely as Major Matt Mason, and according to Variety Graham Yost is writing the script. Yost has some writing credits for Boomtown, Band of Brothers, Mission to Mars, Challenger, From the Earth to the Moon, Hard Rain, Broken Arrow, and Speed, so there's a good background there to deliver something strong.

I wonder which way this project will go though? I'm hoping that Hanks heaps on the realism and we get something without daft aliens trying to fight the astronauts as they land on the moon, there's got to be a whole heap of updates to come to that story.



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