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Houdini action film

HarryHoudini.jpgAfter seeing Death Defying Acts (Filmstalker review) and Guy Pearce playing the enigmatic and largely unexplored, in film anyway, character of Houdini, I've been desperate to see a film made of his life and of the real man.

With the announcement of a new film in development about Harry Houdini, this dream looks to be further away than ever as they announce that this is going to be an action-adventure film in the style of Indiana Jones and the coming Sherlock Holmes. Great.

Harry Houdini's life is already filled with such great stories that I really can't imagine why we'd want to see a made up story about his life, twisted into something akin to Indiana Jones with magic.

Okay, I do see the potential there, and perhaps this could pave the way for something bigger, something like a biographical film about the man, but I'm not so sure we need another film like this, and especially taking the real life person out into a made up adventure story.

The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Summit Entertainment have bought the rights to the book The Secret Life of Houdini: The Making of America's First Superhero by William Kalush and Larry Sloman (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) which is a controversial biographical novel of Harry Houdini's life with some rather strange insinuations of the man's life - one that he was a spy for Britain, that was asked to be an adviser to the Czar Nicholas II, and that he was killed by psychics and spiritualists deliberately to stop him debunking them.

There's no director or writer attached at the moment, but the message is clear, this is not going to be historical fact but an action adventure. I do get it, placing an illusionist, and such a famed one, into stories like this could be really exciting and deliver some great film. Still, I can't help wanting to see something about the real man, the real illusionist, the real Harry Houdini and not the Hollywood sexed up one.



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