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Is Anybody There trailer online

MichaelCaine.jpgIn Is Anybody There Michael Caine stars as a man who is slowly letting the last moments of life slip by him in a retirement home, however the story focuses on a young boy who is growing up in the home that his parents own, and how he is letting the young, exciting moments of his life slip by as he surrounds himself with the lives of the elderly.

Together they give something to each other, learning to enjoy the beginning and the ending of life for themselves, and I'm sure it is filled with some emotionally charged moments as well as some of the strong comedy the film suggests.

John Crowley has directed the Peter Harness script that sees Michael Caine return to the big screen yet again as an ageing magician, and this is the first trailer I've seen for the film online.

Here's a flash version for Is There Anybody There? embedded below from FirstShowing, or you can leap off to AOL and see the high definition version.



Looks sweet. Cain is a legend.


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