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Jade Goody biographical film?

JadeGoody.jpgWith the passing of the reality celebrity Jade Goody, who lost her life to cervical cancer at the age of twenty-seven and lived the rest of it through gossip magazines and reality television, the news has arrived that there may well be a film about her life.

She had already written two autobiographies of her life and it seems that one of the trustees Goody's estate is keen for a film to go ahead about her life, based on that second book.

Danny Hayward, one of the trustees of the Jade Goody's estate, has been speaking about the possible film:

"Her story lends itself to a biographical film. She's captured the mood of the nation. We want it to tap into raising awareness of cervical cancer."

The idea, according to The Times through The Guardian (who don't provide a link to the original story) is to make a very loose adaptation of her second autobiography Catch A Falling Star (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com).

Personally I struggle with this. Recently we lost Wendy Richard to cancer, a woman who was a television icon in Britain and kept her illness and private life very much to herself and her family, and my own mother passed away at the end of last year after her struggle with the disease. These are both much better role models to advertise the fund raising to battle cancer, those who are fighting the disease and the families who live with and support them than Goody.

Her life has been lived through the tabloids after she shot to c-list fame from the British Big Brother show where she stripped naked and had sex with a bottle live on the first show and her second appearance saw her embroiled in a row around racial abuse and bullying live on television. Since then she's lived and sold every moment of her life to the tabloid magazines and newspapers.

I just can't help but think that there are hundreds of unheard of role models out there, role models who are silently battling cancer with their families, who have much more rewarding and enlightening stories to tell than Goody's.

However it's what sells that matters, and it seems that even the death, funeral and suffering of her family is what's selling these tabloid magazines and "newspapers", and there's still money to be made for her estate, and maybe, if there's something to spare, some money for the cancer charities.

According to the estate trustee, Nick Love is their first choice to direct the film. Good luck on that one as a spokesperson from his company says that Love was very flattered by the suggestion, and you can tell from that comment that it's probably not going to happen.

What about you? Would you want to see a film about Jade Goody? Hasn't everything already been written and said in all the tabloids? Is this really the role model and inspirational film that we want to see? Aren't there more inspiring stories out there from real people who have and are suffering from cancer?



I had a funny feeling that even after her death, her gravytrain wouldn't slow down.

I have a lot of sympathy for her illness and young death and wouldn't wish it on anyone, no matter her questionable personality, but I have absolutely no time for the ridiculous media circus created around her and the shallow ill-educated fools who have sustained it with their non-entity "celebrity gossip" obsessions.

As you touched on, if I believed for a second that any of this was a genuine play to raise cancer awareness and money and not just line the estate (and Max Clifford's) pockets I might be more understanding.

Billy Piper as Jade, Bill Nighy as Max Clifford.

Oh please no!

Not any more! Her family stated that they could finally look forward to some peace.

We can all sympathise with such a young death but a Jade Goody film is NOT what is required. I would rather hear stories from the Cancer sufferers who didn't appear in OK magazine every flipping week?

Does that make me a bad person? Probably, but I am sick of the media circus that was Jade Goody's last months.

Was fame and money worth wasting the last weeks of her life? I don't think so!

Ditto what Stuart Wood said.

I'm sorry for what happened to her and glad that she raised awareness of cervical cancer but i'm still struggling to understand how the things she has done in her life, in particular what we have seen in shows like big brother make her such an amazing person.

Her life has been televised to such an extent with big brother, her reality shows, tv interviews, newspaper articles(possibly her funeral will be filmed and screened as well, there are going to be television screens outside anyhow) that i'm not sure what a film would add to our knowledge of her. Its already all on record and would we want to see a re-enactment of the bottle moment on film? I don't think so.

I'm sure there will be books released (after Jades Diary of course) about her as a person, her history etc and talks of a film but please lets just stop now!

This is just getting ridiculous now! Of course i felt sorry for her and her family for having to deal with such a devastating illness but there are thousands other people who have to deal with exactly the same thing. I cant help but think that this is all about the money and that raising awareness is just an after thought. Her whole life was publicised on national t.v and in the papers. I don't think there is much else left to see. I think its about time that her family was left alone to deal with their grief. Besides it will only be a couple of weeks untill the media move on to another story that will sell their magazines, so i can't see this going ahead.

By the way i think the "bottle incident" involved someone else. I might be wrong but thought i'd let you know

If this goes ahead I will dig my own grave. The media coverage of Jade's final days was enough of me to buy a spade.

UPDATED: If this goes ahead I will dig my own grave. The media coverage of Jade's final days was enough for me to buy a spade.

I see that you describe the utter tripe that is Big Brother as "the British Big Brother show".

Is this to just clarify that the nation of bonnie Scotland couldn't possibly be associated with such crap?

Captain Black I wish it were, but Scotland is part of Britain unfortunately. That was to make it clear for those abroad who have their own Big Brother shows.

Ryan, I was convinced it was her. Mind you I never watched it so I wouldn't really know, I relied on my memory of the news reports of the time.

Michelle, great point, her life has been covered so much there's nothing left to see here. Move along.

Oh and ditto Stuart, Ranting Man and Morbious.

Mark, I love your casting choices. That could actually work you realise!

I think its time the whole Jade Goody life/death saga was left alone. Why waste money on making a film which could just as easily be donated to a cancer research trust? I know that some will say that the proceeds from the film will go to cancer research but I don't even know how many people would be interested in seeing this, I still meet a lot of people who say that they have mixed feelings for/didn't like Jade. I also feel that for her sons it would be best to leave Jade and her life well alone now, how will they feel when they grow up and see a film of their mothers life and read potentially horrible comments about her? While Jade continues to receive publicity so people will feel the 'need' to make derogatory comments, is this really the type of thing her children need to see? At 4 and 5 years of age, Freddy and Bobby may not have any lasting memories of their mother how she was when she was alive and they will look to media and publicity to get a picture of what she was like, they don't really need to see any more negative comments about their mother being racist, uneducated or a bully. My own feelings are that I personally never liked Jade, I certainly feel that some of the things that have been said about her being a saint and brilliant advocate for spreading the word about cervical cancer are completely unfounded. She was just a young woman, like any other, who lost her life to cervical cancer. There are women every day who die and leave young children behind, unfortunately they don't have the kind of wealth that Jade had to leave to their children, and they spend their last months or weeks planning for their childrens futures. They don't have a quick fix like selling their wedding pictures to make money for their children, and I feel that these ordinary women, who do the very best with what they have are the real heroes. If Jade had never been touched by cancer, can any of you honestly say that she would have made a charitable donation to cancer research? I think she'd still be selling herself on reality tv, yes, maybe she would be a good mother, but I don't see her as being someone who would give her money away.

This is scraping the barrel a bit.
Has it already gone into production?

Well thankfully we heard no more from it so I assume the idea has fallen by the wayside.


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