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Marshall's Centurion behind the scenes

Centurion.jpgOkay, Neil Marhsall's Centurion is a hugely exciting project, not just because it says that Scottish people are some of the most fearsome warriors in the world ever, but that it's a genuinely interesting film and story, and the first footage from behind the scenes has appeared online with Marshall and the leads talking about the project.

The film tells the story of the Roman Army's Ninth Legion, the one that had defeated all other armies, the heavy squad that they pulled into their toughest battles, and how they were the last Roman Legion to be sent into Scotland. None of them returned. Not one of the three thousand.

Neil Marshall has taken that story and developed it into a film, Centurion, speculating about what could really have happened to all those troops.

What's really interesting about the behind the scenes is that there's a shot of Olga Kurylenko's character, a Pictish leader, standing by a line of Roman soldiers as they walk by her. I wonder if they aren't all killed and perhaps a lot of them surrender and join them? We shall have to wait for more of the story to out, until then, here's the behind the scenes from Rotten Tomatoes through Latino Review.

In the clip you'll get to hear from Kurylenko, Dominic West, and Neil Marshall himself who says that this is unlike anything he's done before and anything seen in British film – although I think that is a rather bold statement. West mentions that there is no green screen work at all, and that could turn out really well for the film, entirely practical shots could make for some great battle sequences.



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