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McG reveals some Terminator Salvation spoilers

TerminatorSalvation.jpgMcG has been talking a lot about Terminator Salvation lately, and this interview has some big reveals about the film, the direction and the actual plot, not just talking about characters naked on screen, no this is the real thing.

Some of it sounds rather juicy, and there are some major reveals for the story that I've never heard before. Prepare yourself, for McG is revealing some very interesting moments.

Before we delve in I have to tell you about the normal spoiler warnings. You know the ones, stay well away if you want to see the film fresh and be surprised, however if you've been following the this far then I don't think this is going to spoil things much more than you already know, just perhaps concrete them together a little bit more.

Anyway, speaking to SciFi Wire, McG began talking rather loosely about Terminator Salvation, and here he started off at the beginning of the film, and revealing a little about Marcus, confirming the rumour once again that he's going to be a Terminator, something we've known for ages.

"...we start this picture with Marcus [Sam Worthington] committing a rather substantial infraction. In fact, he's ultimately put to death, which is how he ends up with some metal rods in his body."

Then the questioning turns to John Connor and what he will have to face, and McG tells us one of the main points of the plot. When asked about that Connor line from the trailer, "This is not the future my mother told me about", he says:

"...Well, the point being she told him everything she could tell him about the future, and we've only been given the clues that the T-800s will indeed be there in 2029...the coming of the T-800 ahead of schedule. It'd be like all of us sneaking into Hitler's Nazi Germany and saying, "There's a bunch of V-2 rockets with nuclear tips, we better haul ass back to Allied Command and tell them this is a serious game-changer. If these things go online, we've got a major, major problem." So that's the future that my mother never told me about. The fact that, you know, here comes the T-800 10 years prior to 2029, and we don't have our act together to a high enough degree to fight them with any effectiveness."

You know I'm actually wondering if this isn't the big reveal. Well, obviously it isn't, I mean would McG say that openly? No, I don't think so, I think there's tons still to come from the film and story, but this is still a strong aspect to the story, just not a huge reveal.

He's being very clever with revealing just enough to keep the media busy rather than hunting down the major plot reveals...that is unless we've already done that with the discovery that Marcus is a Terminator, and that they may be using humans in the development of the early Terminator models.

I'm hoping that everything that has leaked out to date is not the whole story, and there is a big reveal still to come. I'm really hoping.



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