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Monahan directing sea battle film

WilliamMonahan.jpgWilliam Monahan has really been picking up the gigs, especially since his work on The Departed (Filmstalker review), his writing has been in high demand and now he's just been given his second, or perhaps third, directing role.

The Essex is a film Monahan is set to write and direct and tells the story of Captain David S. Porter who fought against the British naval forces in 1812.

Captain David S. Porter was most known for navigating his ship, The Essex, past waiting British ships to reach the Pacific and carry out an audacious attack on a British whaling fleet and held its final battle against a British squadron of vessels.

It seems that the story is set to make it to the big screen via William Monahan's much wanted pen and then through his lens as he directs the script onto the big screen.

The story from Variety through Digital Spy (who don't provide a link to the original story) sounds interesting and who doesn't like a big naval battle on a huge cinema screen? Please, just don't film it in 3D!

However this isn't his only directing job. We already know he's signed up for London Boulevard, the story of a South London criminal who is released from prison and tries to go straight, becoming a handyman for a reclusive young actress, and there's a rumour that he's directing The Art of the Heist: Confessions of a Master Thief, Rock-and-Roller and Prodigal Son (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) the true story of an art connoisseur and rock musician whose band once backed Roy Orbison, however at the same time he was an accomplished art and antiques thief who successfully robbed a number of museums in Boston in the seventies and eighties.

There are quite a few scripts he's involved with, including adapting another Asian film The Chaser, Wartime Lies and Tripoli. Monahan is a busy man and getting busier by the second.



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