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More Fast and Furious teasers

FastandFurious.jpgThere are a couple of television adverts for Fast and Furious online and you can see them here. There's more footage of the car action and of the characters getting involved, and actually I think these two are far better than the trailer we've seen for drumming up what the feeling of the series really is.

Have a look and see what you think for yourselves, but I'm much more into these two teasers than the trailer which had that poor CGI moment in it.

That CGI moment in the Fast and Furious trailer has me concerned, but then looking at these two teasers it looks miles better, although the second I think has a little hint of CGI in the car chase through the building, but still, looks great.

Here are the two television teasers on YouTube through AceShowbiz:

Well? Has this got you looking forward to the, possibly, last in the Fast and Furious series?



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