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My Sister's Keeper changes shock ending

MySistersKeeper.jpgThe ending of My Sister's Keeper has been changed from the novel for the big screen, and while that might not mean much to those of us who haven't read the book yet, to those of you who have I believe it's going to be quite a surprise and something that might also be hard to beat.

The novel by Jodi Picoult (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com
) is described as having one of the great shock endings of recent fiction, and that some fans of the novel are rather annoyed that the film is producing a different ending to the book.

My Sister's Keeper tells the story of a healthy child that takes her parents to court to question the medical procedures she has been enduring in order to save her older sister's life and keep her leukaemia at bay.

We've already learned, and I hope that this isn't a surprise to everyone, that she takes her parents to court claiming that they are using her to keep the other daughter alive, and that perhaps they even conceived her for this very reason.

Cameron Diaz, Abigail Breslin, Sofia Vassilieva, Jason Patric and Alec Baldwin star in the film.

USA Today has some comments from Jodi Picoult about the change of ending from her novel to the screen, and she has a very accepting look at it.

"Having the ending changed would certainly not have been my choice. I wrote the ending very intentionally because I wanted to leave the reader with a certain message. And changing that ending changes that message. However, I am excited to see the movie and to judge it on its strengths."

It's worth noting that she hasn't seen the film as yet.

Some fans aren't happy though and Lauren Kobren aged sixteen has started a Facebook group called Save My Sister's Keeper!! in order to try and preserve the ending in the book for the film. She had started the group after she heard Picoult speaking at a reading and revealing that the ending had changed.

In the comments that they have from Kobren about her thoughts on the ending perhaps reveal a little much about the potential ending, so I'd suggest you look away if you don't know it already. She said that the ending of the novel is the key to the message of the story...

"...that sad things in life are going to happen and some things can't be reversed."

That's interesting and already my mind is racing on what that would mean for the novel's ending, which I haven't yet read. What we might guess is that the whole message of the film might have changed if the ending has, but that seems a little too radical. Perhaps we're just looking at something a little different to the novel with another, alternative but just as powerful ending?



i want to know the ending of my sister's keeper i read the book i want to know the ending in the movie


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