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New Surveillance trailer online

Surveillance.jpgJennifer Chambers Lynch has come out with a new trailer for her film starring Julia Ormond and Bill Pullman as FBI agents on the trailer of a serial killer who are investigating the three survivors of the killer's latest spree. Each of them give different accounts of the story and it's up to them to find out what the truth is.

The trailer does give away quite a bit, but then I'm not sure if it's supposed to or rather if what it does give away is that important to the story. Still, I may be sitting here knowing who the killer really is.

The previous trailer for Surveillance that we saw was a bit scrappy, for me this is a lot more cohesive and does manage to set the scene well, I'm just not sure if it gives away a little too much, even if they are standard reveals early on in the film I might like to experience these being revealed myself.

You can see the trailer over at Yahoo Movies [Flash] through Bloody Disgusting to see what you think. Is the trailer revealing too much?



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