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Outcast set photos and videos

Jekyll.jpgJust this morning I was writing about Outcast, the Scottish horror film from Colm McCarthy starring the talented and rather cheeky looking James Nesbitt. Well during the day I was directed to some set footage and photos from the filming in Edinburgh.

While most of it is James Nesbitt there's a shot of Kate Dickie, but that's about it. While I'm still trying to find more information out about the film, I've managed to find a few more titbits about it from the producer Eddie Dick.

According to the Scottish producer the film is:

"...unlike horror in remote castles and ancient past and so on...It will have a realistic, urban feel about it, which does divide it off from the artificiality of Hammer and Universal (which was famous for its horror films in the early 1930s, including Frankenstein and Dracula).

These were fine films in their way, but this is questioning the edge of the genre The story in a sense has a kind of social realist base, but it begins to develop and twist out of that quite quickly, and that's linked in with an exploration of Celtic mythology."

The comment comes from the Sunday Herald who also tell us that the film bases the characters on the Scottish and Irish myths of the Sidhe or Síth - yes, the Star Wars name was apparently taken from this myth - who were an ancient race with magical powers which include such things as invisibility and seeing into the future. Oh, and they could wield lightsabers and...no, I'm actually lying there.

Apparently the term is pronounced "shee" and, according to the newspaper article, includes the variation "banshee" which literally means women of the Sidhe.

It seems that the Irish footage is to be the earlier part of the story, while the latter part is in Edinburgh when Mary, played by Kate Dickie from Red Road, and her son have to take a stand against Cathal, played by James Nesbitt.

Eddie Dick reveals some more:

"It would spoil the story to elaborate on it much, because on the surface it looks like Cathal is just an out-and-out villain. But in fact, he has complex reasons for doing what it is that he wants to do."

Sounds intriguing, but that's not why we're here, we're here to give you some pics and clips from the filming, although to be honest there's more interesting material in the story above than in the footage, still.

Thanks to Sweetonsigmafilms who dropped me a note with the photos and clips which are on her site.

James Nesbitt

Kate Dickie "Outcast" Filming



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