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Pang's The Eye gains another sequel

TheEye.jpgThe Pang Brothers haven't really managed to capture what they once were, for me what that meant was defined by two films, The Eye and Bangkok Dangerous. While Bangkok Dangerous has been remade with the disaster that is Nicolas Cage, The Eye has seen sequels that have just dropped and dropped in stature.

However not to be convinced that flogging a dead horse until it comes back to life is a bad thing, the Pang Brothers are setting out to make another Eye film, this time in that dreaded 3D format.

I really don't understand why they're trying to make another sequel to The Eye, I would think that they should have a crack at remaking it and tidying up some of the latter section which just seemed to fumble the ball a little. That said it was a great, spooky ghost story with a chilling idea.

A blind woman gets a cornea transplant and miraculously begins to see again, however as her hazy vision returns she sees figures that no one else can, and when her eyesight finally returns she realises that she can see dead people and she's led on a journey to discover who gave her these new eyes.

What I loved about that film is the way that, as her hazy sight is returning and she sees all these blurry images, we get to see blurry figures looming about where they shouldn't be, and we're never quite sure what or who they are. It's a great effect and it's not instantly made to be so scary as to make you think that there are dead people there from the opening moment. Instead the feeling that something is not right with them is built upon and we're left with the mystery as much as the lead character is. That part of the film really sticks with me.

However the sequels didn't, and this doesn't promise much more, especially with it being 3D and Production Weekly through Bloody Disgusting (who don't give a link to the source article) reporting that the film will be called The Child's Eye.

Now it doesn't take much interpretation to think that this is going to be a retelling of the story from a child's perspective, but in 3D. Sounds like it could be the pinnacle of their life's work...ahem.

The Pang Brothers have a couple of Eye sequels to their name, as well as the original Bangkok Dangerous which was far superior to the remake, The Messengers, and Re-cycle (Gwai wik). Not forgetting that among those Eye sequels they remade that too with Jessica Alba in the lead role of The Eye. Let's face it, they've not produced such strong films as they did with the originals of their Hollywood remakes.



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