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Proyas talks about The Crow remake

AlexProyas.jpgAlex Proyas directed the original The Crow starring Brandon Lee, and he's been talking about the news that the film will be remade with a script from Stephen Norrington.

While you might expect him not to be that bothered about it, you might not expect him to be angered, especially since there have been two sequels and a television film since that film. However he is, and quite frankly he thinks it's ridiculous.

“The whole notion of remaking ['The Crow'], to me, is just ridiculous and I’d have nothing to do with it, as I’ve had nothing to do with any of the sequels or the TV show or any of that stuff.”

Well that's Alex Proyas straight off at the opening as he speaks to MTV through ComicBookMovie (who give no link to the original source article at MTV). He doesn't stop there though.

“I wouldn’t even dream of remaking the movie...Because as far as I’m concerned, that’s Brandon Lee’s movie and that’s why I finished the movie — in memory of Brandon. That’s the only reason I finished it actually.”

I think that's what made the original film The Crow so strong originally. Of course it was a great film, but there's now this mysterious quality associated with it, almost a mythical aspect, that makes the film untouchable.

How can you remake a film which was only completed through clever editing and with a drive and a passion to complete it to honour the lead actor killed during filming? Stephen Norrington obviously thinks you can, or at least is happy to take the pay for a script that may never make it to film.



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