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Raimi's Drag Me To Hell trailer online

DragMetoHell.jpgSam Raimi has returned to the lower budget, smaller scale horror film with his latest Drag Me to Hell and the trailer has been dragged online. The story starts with a loan officer trying to seek promotion at her job and refuses a loan extension to an elderly woman who is then facing eviction. She curses the woman for doing it and soon the curse becomes a reality.

I'm really not sure what to think about it, I've watched the trailer a couple of times now and I keep harking back to a story I read a while ago, and I'm not sure about seeing the creature so early on. I don't know, some of it looks superb and some of it seems so familiar.

I say that because the story as described by the people talking through the trailer reminds me of one I read by someone called Richard Bachman, a story called Thinner (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com).

The main character gets cursed for wronging an old woman, and they're given an out in that they can pass the curse on to someone else. Except that passing doesn't come easy and causes more problems for all concerned.

Watching the trailer the story for Drag Me to Hell is delivered almost the same way. Now I'm sure there are many changes, and between these sections there's more to be had and there's plenty of visual style too, but I just don't know.

Take a look for yourself and see what you think, but I'm not utterly convinced.



A horror film with visual effects puts me off right away. Just call me old fashion.

You know Richard Bachman is STEPHEN KING, right?

Duh! Of course. Being a big old-skool Stephen King fan and making that connection in the first place as well as that Amazon.com link leading to a book that says by Richard Bachman and Stephen King. I'd say yes!

Back to the point, it sounds just like Thinner.

I've already jumped on the excited bandwagon for this flick. lol.


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