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Re-Animator on ice again

Re-Animator.jpgIt's almost like He Said She Said, my rumour says this, no mine says that, and both saying they are official. You wonder why people believe anything any more other than hard facts, and even then who the hell knows?

What am I talking about? Well there's news out this afternoon that the Re-Animator remake isn't actually happening, or rather it's still a concept and hasn't moved any further.

Producer Roy Haboush has now said, through ShockTillYouDrop and AITH, that although a Re-Animator sequel is in the concept stages, everything else about the earlier story is fabrication.

“This current rumor about Elisha Cuthbert appearing in the remake of Re-Animator is just that - a rumor... Actually the whole idea that we are remaking the movie this summer, in Spain nonetheless, is completely off base...especially as no talent - writer, director, nor actor - has been attached to this project in any capacity whatsoever.”

I have to say I'm usually good at stepping back from these things and catching such rumours, especially when there's been nothing else on about the project, but I just couldn't resist writing about this as I think it would be great to see a remake of the first film just slightly bigger and better.

Still, it would have been nice and seeing Jeffrey Combs back for a little role would have been good too, however no such luck. Not yet anyway. I feel like doing a “mooohaha” laugh after that.



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