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Re-Animator remake casting

Re-Animator.jpgYes it's really happening, Re-Animator is being...re-animated! I can't believe I just said that, sorry. However the story of Doctor Herbert West bringing the dead back to life is going to be remade, and the producers do acknowledge that this is a remake.

More than that, they have two cast members lined up already, well actually three since the legendary Jeffrey Combs is returning to the series.

However don't get too excited, Jeffrey Combs is not going to be playing Herbert West again, instead he's going to get a walk on part as a nice reference to the original series.

According to HorrorMovies.ca producers Brian Yuzna and Ray Haboush, Yuzna was a producer from the original Re-Animator, the film is going ahead and could be shooting in Spain as soon as next year.

What's more they have the scoop on the casting with the news that Ezra Godden will be taking up the lead, an actor who is mostly credited with television work to date, and Elisha Cuthbert is going to appear as his girlfriend.

The producers have the guts to tell us that this is a straight remake of the first, unlike some others who would disguise it in as many different words as possible all of which still scream remake. In fact I'm more than happy with a straight remake, I think the bad thing to do here would be to attempt another film in the franchise, remaking the original could begin a new series, if the audiences by into it that is.

Re-Animator is a classic H.P. Lovecraft story that follows a medical student who is experimenting with bringing dead tissue back to life when a new medical student arrives and begins to take over his work with terrifying consequences.

It's a great fun film, but is pretty dated and would look great with a modern, bigger budget remake. I'm not in the slightest bothered about this being remade, in fact I'm happy about it. Are you?



Interesting - Gooden has a bit of Stuart Gordon & HP Lovecraft connection via Dagon and Dreams in the Witch-house.

I'm not against a Reanimator remake. Keep the tone and it could be good fun.

Unfortunately, as you'll have seen from the later story, looks like this was a bit of falsified rumour-mongering. Still, at least that's two of us keen!


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