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Richard Attenborough fit for film role

RichardAttenborough.jpgRichard Attenborough is indeed a legend of film, both in front of and behind the camera. Oh forget the dinosaur creator and discover that there's much more to the man than that. Well at eighty-four and with a few spells of ill health, you might be thinking that his career in front of the camera might be over. Not so, not with an Attenborough.

He's scheduled for his seventy fourth film appearance in Ironclad, a story about the Knights Templar defending Rochester Castle from King John's troops, and it looks like nothing is going to stop him.

You may remember that in December last year he was knocked unconscious after a fall and was left in a coma for a brief period, and in summer he collapsed with a heart irregularity and was fitted with a pacemaker, but none of that seems to be stopping his film career according to his spokesperson:

"He remains committed to the project...He has been growing stronger by the day. He is confident he will be well enough by the summer."

You have to respect Richard Attenborough, an icon of British cinema both as an actor and director, he's still going strong and has bags left in him for the big screen, and long may he continue I say.

He's set to play an Archbishop in the film Ironclad which transports us back to 1215 where the rebel barons of England have forced the much hated King John to place his seal on the Magna Carta allowing the rights of everyone across the land. However after only a few months he turned his back on the document and his seal, and created an army to bring the country back under his rule, rebel baron by rebel baron. One of the baronies that he had to regain had walled itself up in Rochester Castle, a place that was about to become famous.

Apparently, according to The Daily Mail, the film is to star Pete Postlethwaite, James Purefoy, Robert Carlyle, Colm Meaney, and rumours of Bob Hoskins and Paul Giamatti starring as the King himself, which would be a great casting choice.

There's still a long way to go on the production, but I hope that we see it in time for its planned December release and that Richard Attenborough receives a fitting role for a man of his talent.



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