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Robin Hood gains cast and tradition

ScottGrimes.jpgRidley Scott's Robin Hood once sounded very non-traditional, taking the fable of Robin Hood and turning it on its head, making Hood the man who was also the Sheriff, now how would that have worked is anyone's idea. However with the latest casting announcements it's obvious that the film is right back on track with the traditional story.

Of course Ridley Scott already told us that his first take on the Robin Hood tale was down the tubes, but this is confirmation that we're going towards the story we've all heard before.

Scott Grimes, Kevin Durand and Alan Doyle have joined the cast as Will Scarlett, Little John and Alan a Dayle respectively according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Doyle is playing a wandering minstrel who receives assistance from Hood and his band when his love is forced to marry another man. The story of this character is fixed on Robin Hood lore and not as odd as you first might think.

As for the other two, well they are very traditional roles. Will Scarlett is Hood's nephew and joins the group, while Little John is the traditionally huge character who fights Hood on a river crossing with quarterstaffs and ultimately losing to the more skilful opponent.

Looking at those character announcements it's really clear that this Robin Hood is going more traditional by the day, and I think that's a good thing.

While I was intrigued at the idea of the spun around story of Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham being the same character, it did seem a little contrived and well out of sorts with the rest of the lore of Robin Hood.

I'm glad it's back to the more traditional story, but now there's a bigger problem, it has to compete directly with all the other Robin Hood films that there's been. While I don't think that will be hard for it visually, considering Ridley Scott is the man behind the camera, story wise it might well be.



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