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Rosario Dawson on Sin City 2

RosarioDawson.jpgThe never ending saga of Sin City 2 is continuing, but at least the news confirms what we have heard previousy.

Rosario Dawson says that the script is finally finished, and filming is still planned for this year. Could this film finally be made?

Sin City 2 is taking an age to make it to production. As long ago as 2007, we were hearing that the script was complete. That was only for nothing to happen, and for Robert Rodriguez to go off to other things. The biggest stumbling block has been the script, with Frank Miller working away on it. But even he has squeezed in The Spirit recently. And last we heard they were waiting for someone to let them film the script they wanted to.

Now Rosario Dawson says she has it on good authority that the script is indeed finished. I am feeling a sense of deja vu here. Never has one script been completed so many times.

Yeah, I talked to Robert [Rodriguez] and Frank [Miller]. They actually just finished the script for ‘Sin City 2’ a few months ago....There’s talks about it shooting sometime this year.

She was talking to MTV Splashpage. Well it looks like we might finally be getting somewhere. Although with Mickey Rourke's new found popularity, maybe he will trickier to nail down than previously. I guess we should be pleased that it is atleast looking like coming to fruition. Although it does seem like a long time since the first film, that could work for or against it.

Are you finally looking forward to Sin City 2? Or has the delay cooled your enthusiasm?



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