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Rourke and Johansson in Iron Man 2

IronMan.jpgAfter many rumours of differences over pay and cast member being contracted elsewhere, two cast members of Iron Man 2 have been confirmed.

Mickey Rourke and Scarlett Johansson have both been confirmed as starring in the sequel.

Mickey Rourke was originally rumoured to be joining Iron Man 2 as a villain, alongside Sam Rockwell. But then the studio made a pay offer which was not to Rourke's liking, and it all got a bit complicated. Rourke has never been more popular since his appearance in The Wrestler, and he has since signed onto a fair few new films.

Now Variety say he has finally agreed to join Iron Man 2, where he will be playing Whiplash. They say the character is a mix of Whiplash and Crimson Dynamo, another villain. Glad that's all sorted.

The other slight hiccup on the casting front, was that of Emily Blunt as Black Widow. With Blunt contracted and required to appear in Gulliver's Travels, she was unable to take on the role. We heard a rumour a while ago that Scarlett Johansson would replace Blunt, and Coming Soon say that has now been confirmed.

They are two great additions to the cast, and will hopefully mean more interesting villains in the sequel. I got a bit bored in the latter part of Iron Man, some better villains for Tony Stark to fight will be great. Are you happy about these two joining the film?



"They are two great additions to the cast"

Half right - ScaJo is totally wrong for Black Widow. Still, the fact that Fav and RDJ are back should mean it's well worth seeing. And Rourke is usually entertaining.

From what little I know of Black Widow, Emily Blunt seemed like a good choice. Was she closer to who you thought should be playing her?

Totally unfamiliar with the comics so I don't have a clue who the black widow is and her type of character. I like scarlett though but i wish they could have given eliza drushku a shot!

Really liked the first iron man so definately happy there will be a sequel.

Mickey Roarke has the evil villain look down pretty good without even trying


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