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Rourke in Rambo V?

MickeyRourke.jpgThere's enough truth to this to make it a possibly true rumour, but at the same time the source is incredibly unreliable and the project for the new Rambo in such early stages that we couldn't even be sure that there's a part for Mickey Rourke.

However that said, an alleged overheard conversation reveals that Sylvester Stallone may well have asked Mickey Rourke to star in the new Rambo film.

Okay, there's a lot to consider here before we start getting excited. The first thing being that we haven't even heard if Sylvester Stallone is definitely writing a new Rambo. He's certainly talked about trying to work out a new angle to see if Rambo V was possible, but we don't know that he's found that yet, nor if he's steaming ahead with a script.

Then we hear through The Playlist that The Sun, that terrible British tabloid that is so fond of publishing rumours and sources that turn out to be complete fabrication, that Sylvester Stallone was overheard having tea with Mickey Rourke in L.A.'s Four Seasons hotel asking Rourke if he would like to be in the next Rambo.

Actually the “story” says that Stallone begged Rourke to be in it, something that I struggle to believe, if anything this would have been a more offhand comment asking if he would be interested should they get a role written in a workable script that would be bought and find the funding to get made.

Now that's a lot of if-ing and but-ing. However the hard to believe Sun tells us that the film is to start shooting this year and Rourke will play the bad guy in the film.

While he might have said yes now, I'm not so sure that the film could start shooting this year, is there even a script that's ready to go? That's a damn quick turnaround. Huge bags of salt with this one.

Actually I'm not even sure I would want to see this line-up in a Rambo film as the casting would be too much like a fantasy line-up that we're seeing for another film from Stallone or a superhero movie. Rambo would need some smaller, more realistic actors to support Rambo, otherwise it will start to feel like a bigger budget fantastical action flick and less like the hardened, more realistic Rambo that we've seen to date.



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