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Brand talks Pirates of the Carribean 4

RussellBrand.jpgLast year there was a rumour that Russell Brand could be starring in Pirates of the Caribbean 4. The idea being that he would play Johnny Depp's character's brother.

Brand has given a slightly more serious response to the question than last time he was asked.

The rumour first appeared in October last year, along with a rumour that Tim Burton would be directing. A little while later, Russell Brand commented on his rumoured appearance in Pirates of the Caribbean 4. Will he really be playing Jack Sparrow's brother?

A possibility, yes. I think it’s a possibility...There's been some talk of doing a 'Pirates' movie. But, I've got eight other things to do [including] 'Get Him To The Greek' with Judd Apatow... So I don't know if there'll be time to be a pirate, I've got enough of that in me private life.

Brand was talking to Access Hollywood, through Coming Soon. So it looks like there is some truth to the rumour perhaps. But it also looks like Brand might be too busy to take it on.

I am not a fan of the film series anyway, nor am I fan of Russell Brand. I tried watching the first Pirates film, but it just wasn't for me. And Pirates fans out there? Would you want Russell Brand showing up in the fourth film?



Pirate fan, yes. first film was awesome, second put me to sleep, third, i didn't even bother...

...that said, Russel Brand turned me off when he did the whole politically motivated bs speech at the mtv awards, pandering to the lowest common denominator and demonizing a head of state to pre voting age idiots to further his own idiocy.

as you can see, he strikes such a nerve with me that I would take care to cross a street to stay away from even a resturaunt adjacent to a movie theatre that showed a screening of a film co starring him, or even placing him as an extra.

no brand.

oh, and hollywood should stop making sequels to trilogies. It's stupid and life is too short.

I have a similar opinion of him! As I said the first one never grabbed me, but it sounds like they have lost of their allure.


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