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Second McQueen biographical film gains writer

SteveMcQueen.jpgThe second Steve McQueen biographical film that we heard about back in January has just been given a writer, and looks to be moving forward pretty well. This biographical film is the one that intends to cover his whole life and all his obsessions, so either it's going to condense things down or it's going to have a long running time.

Steve McQueen is one of the most iconic figures in Hollywood and really captures the original feel of what old Hollywood and movie stars were all about. Nowadays they're more celebrities who happen to act.

Jesse Wigutow is the writer assigned to the second biographical film on Steve McQueen, a film we heard about back in January of this year.

The film will be adapted from the book written by Marshall Terrill, Steve McQueen: Portrait of an American Rebel (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) and the production has managed to secure the co-operation of Barbara Minty, his widow.

Speaking about the idea behind the film, which intends to cover his entire life, Jesse Wigutow said of the film:

"McQueen wasn't only the leading man of his era, he was the prototype for the modern-day movie star...Between the motorcycles and the paparazzi and his highly publicized relationship with Ali MacGraw, he epitomized fame and intrigue. When the opportunity comes along to really examine what makes a man like that tick, you say yes."

According to The Hollywood Reporter the story is going to be pretty epic considering what they are trying to fit in:

"...the star's obsession with motorcycles and racing, his drug abuse, his marriages and affairs and his hard-fought battle with cancer, which felled him in 1980 at age 50."

That's a hell of a lot for one film, and I'm seriously wondering if they can do the real story of McQueen justice, or if it'll end up being a little rushed and therefore a little inaccurate or unflattering.

I would prefer a film that focused on a certain time period, or perhaps on some specific aspects of his life rather than trying to encompass everything.

However the great news is that these projects are progressing from the idea to the script. We desperately need some strong films about these great Hollywood icons, it'll fill the gap between remakes of their films if nothing else!



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