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Singer directing Freedom Formula comic?

BryanSinger.jpgThe New Regency company has bought the rights to the the comic series Freedom Formula: Ghost of the Wasteland and is looking at developing it as a film for Bryan Singer to direct. Singer's production company is involved in the development of the project.

The comic has a strange story that seems a mix of different tales from reading the blurb, including Robotech, Market Forces, and a bit of Speed Racer. Sounds intriguing.

Looking at the various blurbs for Freedom Formula: Ghost of the Wasteland (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) we find that the story is about a futuristic society that is ruled by corporations and the entertainment of the day is incredibly high speed racing with pilots in robotic suits called vicious cycles. The pilots are bred from a single genetic line and are captives of the corporations running the racing circuit, they are bred for one thing, racing at speed.

Zee is the son of an escaped racer and returns to the city where he is manipulated by his father to fulfil his fate as a saviour for the enslaved and engineered racers. However he has other plans and joins an illegal racing team in an underground race circuit, finding it hard to escape what his breeding has created.

Sounds an interesting tale, and you can see the shades of those stories in there, but it does sound like this is much more than that. What's more interesting is if the article from Variety is true and Bryan Singer does take up the directing role and continues his comic book run. This could be a visual feast and the film that Speed Racer wasn't.



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