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Stalked: Alexander Aja, Columbus Short, Penelope Cruz, The Strangers

Alexander Aja is taking on The Contractor.

Columbus Short is a Loser.

Penelope Cruz may be heading to Sarajevo.

And The Strangers is getting a sequel.

Alexander Aja is to direct The Contractor. In the film the USA finds it can't afford to go to war anymore, and hires elite soldiers as contractors to got to was on it's behalf. The news is from AICN.

Columbus Short has joined the cast of The Losers. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is already playing the part of Clay. Short will play Pooch in Sylvain White's comic book adaptation. The news comes from Coming Soon.

Penelope Cruz will no doubt have a few offers coming her way after her Oscar win. One that she is thinking about to agreeing to is, Venuto al Mondo ("Into the World"). It will be directed by Sergio Castellitto, who directed Cruz in one of her first film. Variety say it will be set in Sarajevo, with Cruz playing a single mother.

A sequel to The Strangers is on the cards, with writer/director Bryan Bertino working on a story. It may well be that strange people in masks, are stalking people in a trailer part. Jo Blo say that the original director may make way for Laurent Briet. I'm off to see if the first is available to rent.



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