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Stalked: Bryan Singer, The Night Manager, Mary J. Blige, Johnathan Demme

Bryan Singer may be interested in Prisoners.

Brad Pitt has The Night Manager.

Mary J. Blige is in I Can Do Bad All by Myself.

And Jonathan Demme has his eye on The Courage Consort.

Earlier this month we heard that Mark Wahlberg had agreed to star in Prisoners. He will play a man whose daughter is kidnapped, and he sets out to get her back without the help of the police. No director had been named back then, but now it looks like Bryan Singer may be interested. We will have to wait and see how it all works out. The news is from /Film.

Brad Pitt's production company, Plan B, has acquired the rights to John Le Carre's The Night Manager. The book tells the story of a hotel night manager, who is asked by the government to infiltrate the network of an arms dealer. MTV Movies Blog, say it hasn't been decided yet if Pitt will star in the film.

Mary J. Blige has agreed to star in I Can Do Bad All by Myself. Tyler Perry is directing the film, which is based on his play of the same name. Blige will play a nightclub manager/singer, who is a friend to a character played by Taraji P. Henson. The news comes from Variety.

Jonathan Demme is planning on brining The Courage Consort to the big screen. The book by Michael Faber, has an a cappella vocal ensemble heading to a Belgian chateau to perfect a particularly tricky piece. Things take a turn for the worse though. MTV Movies Blog say Demme will first concentrate on his documentary work, which ranges from his Neil Diamond concert film to his Bob Marley film.



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