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Stalked: Chinese deadliest earthquake, Heard in Darkness remake, Bassett to direct, Sleapless in Seattle the musical

The deadliest earthquake in Chinese history is to be immortalised in film...

Amber Heard and Odette Yustman are set to star in the remake of a 1970 thriller...

Angela Bassett is going behind the camera...

Sleepless in Seattle is getting the musical makeover...

Feng Xiaogang is regarded as an extremely successful and commercial director in China, and it has been revealed today that he plans to create a film about the 1976 Chinese earthquake, the deadliest in its history, an earthquake that claimed some two hundred and forty thousand people. Tangshan Earthquake is attracting a huge budget and looks to be released on the thirty-fourth anniversary of the disaster.

Although Tangshan Earthquake looks no further than having a director and budget assigned, it's already looking like it's going to be a big film. Feng Xiaogang is well regarded in China as one of their leading directors, although a budget of US $22 million, according to AP through Reuters, you might be forgiven for wondering how they are going to tackle any big effects pieces.

Amber Heard and Odette Yustman are set to star in the remake of a 1970 thriller called And Soon the Darkness. This new story is set in Argentina and follows two American girls on a bike riding trip in a remote part of the country, however one of them goes missing and the other has to find her before darkness, otherwise The Hollywood Reporter tells us her worst fears will be realised. I don't quite know what they are mind you.

The original was set in France and showed how a stranger is vulnerable in a foreign country, that seems to be the same thread for this one, and it will see the directorial debut of Marcos Efron, a commercials director.

Angela Bassett is taking control of the camera for a film called United States. It's based on the novel Erasure by Percival Everett (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) which tells the story of a black author who is a professor of English Literature and whose books are regularly criticised for saying nothing about Africa-America. After seeing a novel that the popular critics hail as a real sign of African-American culture, a view that the Professor does not share as he feels it is demeaning and insulting to his nation and people, he decides to write a novel of his own.

Using the gang culture and today's view of African-American life, he puts together a novel under a pseudonym pretending to be a gang member writing about his life on the street. However his plan backfires when it is hailed as a critical success, picked up by Hollywood, sells millions, and is about to be judged for a literary prize of which the Professor is on the panel.

States is the film version and will follow the novel's story pretty well according to The Hollywood Reporter, turning it into a dramatic comedy, hopefully with a lot to say about modern life. Dwayne Johnson-Cochran wrote the screenplay that Angela Bassett will be directing.

Sleepless in Seattle is getting the musical makeover and will be turned into a Broadway musical. Unbelievably eighteen songs have already been written for the show and it looks like a first run through will happen in May with it hitting the stage in 2010.

Reuters report that Oscar winning composer and lyricist Leslie Bricusse, and director Joel Zwick are part of the creative team behind the move to stage for the film, and in a merchandising move, Jeff Arch who co-wrote the screenplay for film will be writing the book of the show, nice job.

Producer David Shor said that the film was a timeless romantic comedy that lends itself to the stage. Well as I thought about how the film looks I do think he might be right, it does look like a stage play in itself. Do you think this could work?



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