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Stalked: Dark Shadows, Britney Snow, Saw VI, Little Fockers

Dark Shadows may not be filming until Autumn.

Britney Snow is getting artistic.

Saw VI has it's first cast member.

And Little Fockers may finally have a director.

Tim Burton and Johnny Depp have both been attached to Dark Shadows for a while. But is looks like the start of filming may be moving back a little bit. Filming was supposed to start this Summer, but Burton's Alice in Wonderland is taking longer than he thought. Cinematical now say that Burton could be moving filming back to Autumn. With Johnny Depp holding the rights to the former TV show, he's unlikely to leave the film.

Britney Snow will star in the independent drama Walks. Also starring are Emmanuelle Chriqui, Jessica Szohr and Rumer Willis. The film is set in the world of underground street art. And centres around the homecoming of a graffit artist who has been in jail. The news is from Variety.

Some Saw VI news, jeez I can't believe they've made it to that number. Seems Shawnee Smith will be back for the sixth installment, and they have plans for even nastier set ups. Including traps which set victims against each other. The news comes from Coming Soon.

Litle Fockers has been missing a director since Jay Roach decided only to produce and not direct this one. All the previous cast members are due to come back though. Now a name has been mentioned as a potential director. Jo Blo say Pete Segal, who also directed Get Smart, is now the favourite to take the third film on. He is due to meet the cast before any deal is done.



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