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Stalked: Downsizing, McG, The 28th Amendment

We have more information on Downsizing.

McG may be going Medieval.

And Tom Cruise may yet be the President.

We have some plot details for Downsizing. The film was a tentative a few days ago, with Reese Witherspoon, Paul Giamatti, Sacha Baron Cohen and Meryl Streep in negotiations. Meryl Streep seems to have disappeared from the list of possible stars. The other three haven't signed on yet, as the script isn't complete. We do know now, that the film will have Giamatti playing a man who is struggling with money worries. He thinks he'd be better off as a litte person, so undergoes a process to shrink himself. Witherspoon would play a woman Giamatti meets along the way. And Cohen would play a miniature foreigner. The news is from Cinematical.

After depicting a less than pretty picture of the future in Terminator Salvation. McG could be headed in the opposite direction. He could be directing a historical film called Medieval. No plot descriptions as yet, but a script has been completed already though. News comes from Screen Rant.

Tom Cruise was originally interested in The 28th Amendment, but then decided to do Edwin A Salt instead. With Cruise off that film, and Angelina Jolie starring in it, he may be back on the film starring as the U.S. President. Jo Blo say Florian Henckel von Donnersmarc is now directing the film, which has a President finding out that the country is actually run by a secret organisation. Denzel Washington was originally down to play an operative trying to assassinate the President.



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