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Stalked: Lost Boys 3, Bag of Bones filming, The Hunger Games, Eastwood's Mandella casting, Dante's Inferno film

Lost Boys 3 gains a writer and a Feldman...

Stephen King's Bag of Bones struggles to film in Maine...

Suzanne Collins futuristic novel The Hunger Games sounds like Battle Royale...

Clint Eastwood has signed his son up for his Mandella rugby film...

Dan Harris is set to adapt the video game Dante's Inferno...

It seems that Lost Boys 3 has gained a writer, according to Bloody Disgusting through SciFi Wire. Corey Feldman is returning to star and produce, Evan Charnov is writing, and it looks like it'll be going direct to DVD. Seems P.J. Pesce, the director of Lost Boys 2 aka Lost Boys: The Tribe, who wrote a script for the third isn't going to get his chance at it. The story comes from SciFi Wire through Bloody Disgusting.

Mick Garris, the director behind the planned film version of Stephen King's Bag of Bones (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com), is trying to ensure the King story is filmed where most of his stories are written, Maine. However according to Maine Today through AITH it seems that the money incentives offered by Maine are really low and so the production is struggling to justify it. Shame since it would be a nice connection for the film, but it's not everything is it?

Variety are reporting that Suzanne Collins futuristic novel The Hunger Games (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) is being adapted for the big screen, futuristic and young-adult, so it probably ticks a lot of production boxes. The story is a trilogy, or rather planned trilogy since only one novel has been written so far, and is set in a world where districts choose a young boy and girl to force them to fight to the death on live TV - can anyone say Battle Royale?

Clint Eastwood has added a new cast member to his upcoming Nelson Mandella and South African rugby team film, his son Scott Eastwood, he was also in Gran Torino (Filmstalker review), so what's the big deal? The Human Factor is about the newly appointed President Nelson Mandella working with Francois Pienaar, the captain of the national rugby team, to try and with the 1995 World Championship cup and bring an image of unity to the country. The story comes from .

Dan Harris is set to adapt the video game Dante's Inferno (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) into a screenplay. Variety report that EA are involved in the adaptation, as is the game creator. Harris co-wrote X-Men 2 and Superman Returns (Filmstalker review), so it looks like Universal Pictures are putting a fair amount into the project, as they are with Army of Two also from EA.



Bag of Bones is one of King's worst books. It's a glacial-paced, geriatric story that has nothing memorable about it; a 516 page sleeping pill. This is what they choose to film out of his vast catalogue?

I've never read it, in fact I grew tired of King some time ago (apart from the amazing Dark Tower series) when I felt his stories were repeating a similar formula.


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