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Stalked: Sean Penn, Milla Jovovich, Elisabeth Moss

Sean Penn is taking on cartels.

Milla Jovovich is in Mile Zero.

And Elisabeth Moss is assisting Sarah Jessica Parker.

Sean Penn will no doubt be getting swamped with offers following his Oscar win. One offer he may taking seriously, is to start in Cartel. The film will see Penn facing off against Mexican drug cartels. After his wife is murdered, he has to fight to keep his son safe. Asger Leth will be directing. The news is from Jo Blo.

Coming Soon say Marcel Langenegger is to direct Mile Zero, which will star Milla Jovovich. Jovovich will play a woman trying to prove her father's innocence, after he is suspected of carrying out a series of murders at an Alaskan oil refinery.

Elisabeth Moss has joined the cast of Did You Hear About the Morgans?. The romantic comedy is already starring Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant. They play a couple who end up in the witness protection program. Moss will play Parker's assistant. The news comes from Cinematical.



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