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Stalked: Tyson clip, Hardy is cage fighter, more Crazies, Rourke's Passion Plays, Owen's Smith and Jones

There's a revealing clip of the Tyson documentary online...

Tom Hardy will be playing a cage fighter next...

Danielle Panabaker and Joe Anderson join The Crazies...

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Charisma Carpenter join The Expendables...

Mickey Rourke has joined the dramatic film Passion Plays...

Owen Wilson is still working on a remake of Alias Smith and Jones...

The upcoming film Tyson by James Toback will look into the man himself and his past, and it includes the full co-operation of Mike Tyson, a co-operation that is pretty open as it seems it lays himself on the line as he shows in the following clip:

Tom Hardy has been speaking about one of his next roles and he's revealed that he's going to be playing a cage fighter and must gain a staggering amount of weight in order to play the role, something I find strange considering his physique for Bronson. His comments come from ITN through Digital Spy (who don't give any link to the story):

“Now I'm involved in a big cage fighting film, so I have to train to be a UFC [Ultimate Fighting Championship] fighter...By July I have to be 15 stone and dangerous.”

Ah, he's not having to gain fifteen stone, just get up to that size. Well he did it for Bronson, and I'm sure he can do it again. Sounds an interesting role though and possibly a rather violent film.

Danielle Panabaker and Joe Anderson are joining Timothy Olyphant and Radha Mitchell in the remake of The Crazies. The story comes from Variety.

The WWE fighter "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and the gorgeous Charisma Carpenter have joined Sylvester Stallone's The Expendables according to Variety.

Mickey Rourke has joined the film Passion Plays, another dramatic role. Mitch Glazer, who wrote The Recruit and Scrooged, is writing and directing the film for which we know nothing else, it's being kept a secret say Yahoo News.

Owen Wilson has revealed on Capital FM radio through Moviehole that he's working on a remake of Alias Smith and Jones, something we've heard of before. The original was a television series that saw two outlaws given amnesty if they tracked down a gang of criminals, however the story doesn't end there and they end up in thicker trouble than they first believed they would be. The story also doesn't really say if there will be a Starsky and Hutch sequel, please no.



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