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Stranglehold not a Hard Boiled sequel

ChowYun-Fat.jpgNot so fast on the talk of a sequel to John Woo's Hard Boiled. Although the previous story we had about the film adaptation of Stranglehold suggested that they were also making it a sequel to Hard Boiled, it's not going to be according to a producer.

Now it seems it might be a prequel, at least in the sense that it is now revealed that the film will feature a younger main character, Tequila, and that means Chow Yun-Fat is out of the picture too, hence a smaller budget.

I'm glad that it isn't a sequel to Hard Boiled, because I think there's no real way to top that film, but I can't actually think of something worse than a prequel to the film either, that does smell of Hollywood franchises.

I'm really not sure why they are trying to do this at all and wonder if they would not just be better making a completely new film. Of course the cynical side of me screams that it's to do with tying in with the original audience and fan base and getting this new film going again, and the only real thing to connect with the original film will be some of the story from the video game and the feature of the same named character. Interesting that the video game itself did pretty much the same thing with Hard Boiled and the Tequila character, so we're degrees away from a sequel or prequel.

Wouldn't they just be better coming out with a new idea, new film and new character?

A Twitch reader contacted Terrance Chang, the long term production partner of John Woo's, and asked about the film and what status it bore to Hard Boiled, and the answer was none.

"There was once a sequel to HARD-BOILED, from an idea that I had. I developed it for Chow Yun-fat and had commissioned a pretty good script written by John Jarrell. The project is now inactive...

...We are now developing a movie of STRANGLEHOLD, and just signed the writers Fabrizio & Passmore. It will be a hardcore action film set in both Hong Kong and Chicago. We will keep some of the action set pieces of the game, but the story is different. It is a total reinvention, with a much younger Tequila. In other words, it is not a sequel to HARD-BOILED."

So what's the point of making it the Tequila character and tying it to Hard Boiled and Stranglehold?

KFCCinema also tell us that Stephen Fung is in the running to direct, he's just making Jump, a film about a farm girl who gets a job as the janitor in the local school and dreams of being a big hip-hop martial arts star. It's a comedy drama apparently, and sounding far from the Stranglehold film as you could imagine.



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