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Taken sequel?

Taken.jpgI enjoyed Taken (Filmstalker review), like most people who saw the film, however I did think there were some pretty poor sections like the final action scene was predictable, and the forgotten killing of foreign politicians, bodyguards, foreign delegates, not to mention all the other people that he mowed his way through. Despite that though it was a strong film, but it really was a one off story, and the film didn't need any more.

Well the news is that the co-writer of the film is bringing the character of Bryan Mills back again, and is currently hard at work writing the sequel.

Robert Mark Kamen was the co-writer for Taken alongside Luc Besson, and together with the direction of Pierre Morel they delivered something very powerful and surprisingly dark, and it wasn't really until the end that it became more Hollywood sanitised.

However it really is a film on its own and leaves just enough to the imagination which doesn't need answered. So I don't really see where a sequel can go, his daughter isn't going to be kidnapped again is she?

Well it looks like we're going to be getting another one if the story from the L.A. Times through First Showing turns out to be true, it seems that Kamen is hitting the keyboard again to bring us Taken 2.

According to the article, and to Kamen himself:

“With more action films in the works, including a sequel to Taken and an American version of District 13, a popular 2004 French thriller that Besson produced, Kamen says he's never been happier. 'I get to work with the world's greatest filmmaker without ever worrying about being replaced...I feel like I died and went to writer's heaven, which is a place where you don't get rewritten and you can always get a three-star meal. It doesn't get any better than that.'”

So that's a sequel to Taken then, but I'm not sure it needs a straight sequel, in fact I'm positive it doesn't need it. So what does it need? I think they're talking about taking the character and putting him in an entirely new situation, or perhaps going into his past as an operative, however I just don't see a direct sequel working.



Oh yes: bring it on! Loved Taken. Really goofy, but like an old school JCVD movie. Just treat it like The Transporter and give us more with the character, but don't feel a need to tie in any of the past events. Great stuff.

I'd be cool with a sequel if it merely taking the character and placing him another situation where he is forced to kick some ass. I loved Taken, sure it's not a perfect movie, but it was fun.

"I have particular skills which I have aquired over a long career which make me a problem for people like you."

Hell yes!

Oh Brad, I loved that quote, superbly delivered too.

Well it looks like we're agreeing on a sequel but not one directly related to the previous story.

I wonder if we need Liam Neeson back and if he'll come back.


I really didn't like Taken so i don't think i'll be watching the sequel. Was too hard to believe and that he could get away with killing so many people and just hop on a plane home with his daughter ( who is suprisingly happy and calm considering her recent experience) was too much. Plus the moment where he shoots an innocent person for no reason (and blames another guy for making him do it) I totally lost all faith in the character and the movie. Oh yeah and if you go to a country other than america you are likely to be abducted five minutes after landing! lol.

Oh yeah Michelle, the believeability and reality of the film are called into question a number of times.


After killing a foreign diplomat and all his staff in a different foreign country how does he get home all nice and safe?!

It is over the top entertainment, but I like how they've done it nice and dark without going fully popcorn.

Happy and calm?? of course she´s happy and calm because she´s with her family and not on drugs anymore after a situation where the probability of seeing her family again was close to zero..About shooting an innocent..He is a desperate father, if i had to shoot the arm of an innocent person to save my daughter´s life i would do it immediately.. The whole movie shows a cruel reality in the world. Of course, he has almost super powers, but that´s what makes this movie so enjoyable. Hardly no flaws..I cant see a sequel because the movie is perfect the way it is.

I would love to see what they would write for a sequel for Taken. I agree that the film did not focus on the legal consequences of Bryan Mills' actions, as such are a common ingredient in crime/thriller films.

But you guys must see that the film is not plot-driven. It is character-based. Hence, the entire story is from the perspective of Bryan Mills. If you could remember the entire adrenaline-rush sequence and the vivid depiction of his daughter's abduction, you can get the hint that the story is about his perspective.

I get what Taken means about being in a rush to save a person or save a situation. A person will kill any devil in the way and think not of the consequences just to fulfill his pursuit.

So, Taken 2, let's go!

lol since when does an action film worry about the consequences?? how many arnie, stallone, willis films had them locked up for blowing up buildings and killing dozens of people during the movie (ok rambo did but thts probably the only exception lol) the whole point of the film was to see him beat/kill various anonymous baddys in the hunt to rescue his daughter.

i think they could do a sequel where hes possibly a bodyguard again and maybe the person he is protecting is kidnapped or threatened....or maybe someone is after him as revenge for killing the big boss in the first film... i dont think they should have his daughter involved again though.

Well that is true, however Taken was really pitching itself as something more than an action film, showing that it had a fair bit of intelligence to it before the end where it resorted to the less than intelligent action sequences.

I agree, it shouldn't be the daughter. Either the singer or going after the rest of the sex ring.

Well, Bryan did kill god knows how many Albanians, ruined a huge buisness plan for them, so He WILL have enemys, So the sequel could be about Bryan, and maybe he gets invaded at home or something then he finds out it was the Albanians from the first movie, so then go goes on a manhunt for them all,

But they could just call the movie something else instead

Taken 2, continue the story, but broaden it. All those people that were so entertainingly killed must have friends, and the corrupt french policeman knew him... so... they come back to teach him a lesson easturn Europeans/Arabs/St.clair mob/French Police or a 'king pin' that remained nameless in the first film - putting his family at risk perhaps. this will give him the relentless drive to soak up pain and proceed with the same ruthless speed to solve the problem. perhaps expanding on a rekindled relationship with the NSA as a reactivated operative???

I have a mad story line! Jean Claude comes for Brian bringing all his boys, kidnapping Lenny and Kim, taking them back to Paris as Bait for brian, to go back to front up to charges. But now Government is involved so the opponents are alot more technically advanced than Kidnapping foreigners out of the boondocks.

I have a mad story line! Jean Claude comes for Brian bringing all his boys, kidnapping Lenny and Kim, taking them back to Paris as Bait for brian, to go back to front up to charges. But now Government is involved so the opponents are alot more technically advanced than Kidnapping foreigners out of the boondocks.


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