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Tennant's stage Hamlet filmed

DavidTennant.jpgThe current stage run of Hamlet featuring an injury free David Tennant is set to become a film, although not in the way you might expect. It doesn't look like it will be translated to a film version for release, rather it looks like the stage performance will be filmed and edited together to be released.

Although the details are limited, one of the performers in the show has revealed that the stage play will be filmed over a few weeks and turned into a film of sorts.

David Tennant played Hamlet, despite falling out of the production for a while with a bad back, and received very strong critical reviews, and what's better than that is that the show sold out within three hours of the tickets becoming available, so it's a great stage performance.

Oliver Ford Davies starred in the play as Polonius and spoke to The Daily Telegraph through Digital Spy (who again don't link to the original story but I've dug it out for you) and revealed what's in store for the film version.

"We are intending to film it over two or three weeks in June. It won't be a full feature film as there isn't time but it will certainly be more than just the filming of the stage. It will be fantastic to work together again."

That's interesting, I'm wondering what the film version will be showing us. Not just a straight film of the stage play and not a complete feature film of the story. So what is it going to be? I still think this is going to turn out to be a film version of the stage play, I don't really understand what the difference would turn out to be, and is it going to work on screen and be as powerful?



I'm an enthusiastic Tennant fan! I recently watched the harry potter movie he was in and realized i didn't remember it was him because he was such a different character from his TV one.

Waiting patiently for Dr. Who to return, i'm looking forward to this. David is such a likeable and pleasing presence in anything he's in. and i've never seen a stage performance of Hamlet, only movies, which is ridiculous considering it's my favorite shakespear play.

I missed Tennant's performance at the Novello because it was his understudy Edward Bennett who was brilliant anyway that we saw. Might give this one a look!

I'll keep my eye open for more information and let you guys all know.


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