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Terminator Salvation ending reshot

TerminatorSalvation.jpgThe ending of Terminator Salvation was revealed some time ago, not the origin of Marcus, and not what the Terminators are doing with humans, no something else, something bigger. When someone in the production did tell everyone about the ending and that ended up on the Internet – no Warner, you can't blame the Internet for leaking it, it was someone on your staff – the word was they weren't going to change the ending.

However now word is that Warner Bros. are going to change the ending, and in fact they've rewritten the script and filmed it already, and the new ending is the one going out with the film.

Now I'd recommend that anyone who doesn't want to get into spoiler territory for Terminator Salvation look away now, for as we all know, we can't fully trust what the studios tell us and we've seen this double bluff tactic before, so it might actually turn out to be a ploy to turn us away from the original reveal...are you with me? I almost lost myself there.

Anyway, the original rumour that revealed the ending came from AICN and CHUD back in June, and came from the usual “sources” who were never to be revealed, however here's roughly how it went.

At the end of the film John Connor is dead and Marcus, the Terminator, begins impersonating him, realising that the humans need a leader. How does he do this? Well he's a Terminator with human skin, so he just takes on the form of Connor and goes about giving the humans a purpose.

While that's an interesting turn of events and gives us so many questions like what makes us human, the flesh or the intention, it's a clever turn of events to imagine that the leader of the human resistance, the character we have followed all these years dies and is taken over by a Terminator but with the same motivation, the destruction of SkyNet.

Interesting plot turn. However someone on the team released that news to the internet and that was the surprise ending all over with. Yet the word was, from other “sources”, was that they were going to continue with that ending and not change a thing.

Not so according to another “source” from Moviehole through IESB today. It appears that Warner Bros. have changed the ending and made it much more palatable to the fans as well as believable.

The source said that they've seen the film and that the third act has been entirely changed from the ending that was leaked on the internet.

There's no actual word about what the new ending will be, which is good really because we want the surprise, and so I'm glad they've changed it, but there's a part of me that feels something for that original ending.

Okay, it does really mess with the whole idea of what we've come to believe with the Terminator franchise, but the more I think about it the more of a mind blowing ending it would have been, if we'd known nothing about it of course.

Now we have to hope that the new ending is going to be as good if not better, and that it won't play around with the mythology so much.



I can't remeber if I read the spoiler ending or not. I'm tempted to read this article, but can't bring myself to it. Not that long until release.

Now, did they film the original ending. That would be a doozy of a DVD extra.

Don't listen to me. I'm an idiot. But I think Hollywood would be wise to stay far, far away from plugging leaks on the Internet. The effort is constant and costly. Besides, after opening weekend, EVERYONE will know whatever it is. What is important is whether or not this flick is worthwhile (or at least worth ten bucks and two hours we'll never get back).

The question, I think, everyone will be asking is: Why should Warner Bros be needlessly paranoid? I mean, there are plenty of reasons for the studio to be needlessly paranoid. But can we narrow it down to one?

Why do you think you're an idiot? That's a superb comment and well put. Couldn't they just have carried on with the ending?

I think there's something a little more to it than this, it's not just the fact that the surprise has been broken, I think it's the reaction of people to the leaked ending that has made them rethink it.

Considering they have said they have a rough plan for a new trilogy, changing the ending this way would mean they would have to radically overhaul their entire arc. This isn't a little minor issue, it's the entire substance of the ending.

I wouldn't be surprised if this "leak" is an over-cooked story based on comparison with an early that was rewritten as part of the normal Hollywood process and little to do with self-serving bloggers claiming credit for getting an $200,000,000 movie changed.

Remember, this script went through the rewrite mill a hundred times before Jona Nolan came on board and Bale was happy with it.


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