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The Haunting in Connecticut second trailer online

HauntinginConnecticut.jpgI wasn't really that excited by the idea of The Haunting in Connecticut when I saw the first trailer and thought it was pretty standard fare, but then I decided to look at this second trailer and it really did surprise me.

There are some great scenes in here and it looks like it will be overloaded with plenty of shocks, scares and total creep out moments, as well as CGI odd and just plain wrong looking moments. Oh, and there's Virginia Madsen too.

The Haunting in Connecticut is based on a true story of a family who are forced to move closer to the hospital where the eldest son is receiving treatment for cancer. The usual warning is issued about the house they move into though, terrible things once happened here, and so on.

They don't listen though and the violent and supernatural events that begin around him are initially blamed on the stress of being treated. However soon they start to experience them, and there's no denying that they really are living somewhere much more than they were first warned about.

Some of the scenes in the film look like they really will creep you out and others look like some big jump moments. I'd definitely be up for watching this film on the strength of the second trailer. What about you?



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