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The Limits of Control trailer online

IsaachDeBankole.jpgThere's a trailer just arrived online for Jim Jarmusch's new film The Limits of Control starring a huge cast list of Isaach De Bankolé, Tilda Swinton, Bill Murray, Gael García Bernal and John Hurt, and it's in high definition too.

The film tells the story of a strange loner who is in the middle of completing a criminal job, and so far that's all we know, and the trailer tells us even less but with tons of style.

Actually that's not quite true, the trailer for The Limits of Control has a fair bit to tell us, I just don't think I know enough to put it all together just yet. It seems though that no one really does.

The most that is known is that Isaach De Bankolé plays the mysterious stranger whose work is outside the law shall we say. The story follows him in the process of completing a job, a job we know little about as yet, and would appear not to when the film begins either.

He's a real loner, keeps away from people and relationships, and just seems to do his job and nothing more, and it would appear that we come to learn more about him through the people he crosses paths with on the way to completing his job.

Now you can see the trailer over at Apple Trailers [P:S:M:L:480p:720p:1080p] and tell us what you think. It certainly looks a gorgeous film, I wonder if the rest of it will live up to expectations?



It sure does look like a gorgeous film. I very much like the style Jim Jarmusch uses, and even more so with this film by the look of things. Isaach De Bankolé has a very interesting sculpted face, which reminds me of Arnold Schwarzenegger's. Bankolé would make a good Terminator, just by going by the way he looks and carries himself.

Actually that would be a good thought for a new terminator, but I think McG is set on bringing the old ones back for now.

I am a huge Jarmusch fan so I am really looking forward to this. This is why I love living near Washington DC, it enables me to see these films on their limited releases. Can't wait.


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