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The Phantom becomes a mini-series

ThePhantom-BillyZane.jpgBad news for fans of the comic superhero The Phantom who expected to see another big screen outing that was to make amends for the, not so bad as you think, Phantom film. The bad news is that the new version is going to be a mini-series.

Actually is that really bad news? Or is it good news as they can really do the character some justice?

The view that the Sci-Fi Channel, who are producing the mini-series, is taking is more on the vein of reality and of a man who is far from a superhero, just a hero.

"It's not a guy in purple tights...there hasn't been a successful 'Phantom' leaves the door wide open for us, since nobody has made it their own yet."

Are the words from Executive Vice President of original programming Mark Stern through The Hollywood Reporter and SuperHeroHype, and he's right, no one has put their mark on the character and this could be the take that does it.

Also on the cards is a mini-series of Alice in Wonderland where they hope to make the story much more about Alice and her emotional connection with the world she's found herself in, he's also promising a more grown up feel to the film, which might make it a little more interesting than the standard remake.

Mini-series or full film treatment, it's a difficult call. I can understand it with Alice as there's so much to the story, but for The Phantom? Only perhaps if they're thinking of making a series out of it. What do you think?



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