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The Three Stooges cast

TheThreeStooges.jpgThe cast list for The Three Stooges is rather odd, but at the same time pretty huge. You'll not believe who the Farrelly Brothers have managed to secure for their big screen rebirth of the Stooges, and with this cast listing they just might make it work, really.

To be honest, before I read this list I thought that the idea of a Three Stooges film would just flop, even with the Farrelly Brothers behind them, then I read this cast listing...bear with me.

The Three Stooges of Moe, Larry and Curly are going to be Benecio Del Toro, Sean Penn and Jim Carrey respectively.

Yes, and that's according to Variety “all bloggers are evil and we're not just because we're on the web and follow everything they do since we're a big corporation out to make money” through JoBlo, so it must be true, Variety wouldn't lie to the bloggers helping them market their brand and advertising and therefore earn them more money would they?

Anyway, back to the point. The story actually says that Sean Penn is signed up, Jim Carrey is in negotiations, and negotiations are yet to begin with Del Toro.

It's a hell of a line up, and while Del Toro has some comedy behind him he's mainly a serious actor, as is the extremely serious Penn, so this would make a departure for them both and give them something interesting and very different.

Carrey is a comic through and through though, and although he has a lot of comedy in his career his roles have been getting weaker and weaker. I really like him as a serious actor and would love him to do more, so there's a bit of irony to see him appear next to these two superb serious actors in a comedy, of sorts.

Of course, it all hinges on if Carrey and Del Toro sign up, although I have no doubt that Carrey will, I'm not so sure that Del Toro will be that easy to get.

So, does this make you any more interested in a Three Stooges film?



Wow, what a cast that would be! Here's hoping that Carey and Del Toro agree and that the film is actually quite good.


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